We offer specialist livestock services

Fertility Testing (rams & bulls)

We offer a fertility testing service. This includes a full bull or ram health check, as well as a semen exam to check the sperm morphology and motility. We can also vasectomise rams and bulls, so you can use them as ‘teaser’ animals pre-mating. 

Pregnancy Scanning and Fertlity in Cows

Scanning of cows to confirm pregnancy and to diagnose and treat fertility issues. 

Export and Lairage Inspections

We are well practised at carrying out export and lairage inspections on sheep and cattle prior to transport to the UK. 

For larger flocks of sheep, the process is much quicker if you have an EID reader. (NB. We do not supply the reader, it is down to the individual farmer to purchase their own. However, we are happy to use them and it speeds the inspection process up!). 

TB Testing 

We complete the majority of routine mandatory TB testing on our own client’s farms. 

Herd and Flock Health Plans 

Whether you need a health plan in place for your Farm Assurance, or you have a specific issue you require assistance with, our vets are happy to visit you at the farm and help to put together a comprehensive and personalised herd or flock plan. This includes nutrition advice, vaccination and antiparasitic treatment protocols and strategies for combating lameness and mastitis.

We are also able to collect blood samples as part of health schemes e.g. the premium cattle health scheme, run by the Scottish Agricultural Society.

Faecal Analysis

Faecal worm egg counts for sheep and cattle and scour checks for young calves. 

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Farm News

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