Offering specialist equine care and advice


Milan Veterinary Practice have an Equine Measuring Pad which has been officially approved by the Joint Measuring Board and is available for use to any of our clients. 

Testimonial : “Mr Cox's Measuring Pad is well designed, the surrounding internal area quiet and spacious, the premises conveniently situated and remarkably good road access......” Caroline Nelson, Steward, JMB.


Disease prevention through vaccination is an essential part of horse management. It is essential to keep your horse's vaccinations up to date particularly if you are registered under the FEI rules (www.fei.org). Before your vet administers the vaccination your horse will receive a health check. 

It is also an ideal time to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your horses’ health and management.


Ultrasound diagnostics help to provide us with a wider range of technology to identify such conditions as lameness, joint, tendon and ligament problems. 

We are also able to use ultrasound to evaluate reproductive cycles and confirm & monitor pregnancies in mares.
Almost any part of the body can be scanned using ultrasound, bones being one of the exceptions as the tissues are too dense.


Portable radiography equipment means we are able to take x-ray images in the field assisting us to diagnose a variety of conditions including lameness.

We use the newest digital processing technology at the clinic to enable us to assess the images to the utmost standard. This feature also allows us to email images for referrals where necessary.


Milan Vets offer Artificial Insemination (A.I.) and this is the breeding of a mare with semen that has been collected and then inseminated into the uterus or vagina using instruments or equipment rather than by natural service.AI can be used to breed mares with fresh or frozen semen. Contact the clinic for further information.


The ‘five-stage’ vetting is carried out in accordance with guidelines laid down by the RCVS and the BEVA and is the recommended form of exam, this may take a couple hours to complete and someone will need to be available to ride the horse. A dark stable, a hard level trot up area and a suitable area to work the horse are also required. Some vets will choose to lunge the horse so facilities and equipment should be made available. The passport must also be to hand.


The Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy website is packed full of useful information and advice for horse owners including buying a new horse, ringworm, vaccination, nutrition, pasture management, strangles, worming, sycamore toxicity, sweet itch and hoof & teeth care. www.healthyhorses.co.uk